Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend twice a year. In some cases it is advised to attend more frequently.
A simple solution may be Cosmetic Bonding to widen the teeth slightly.

Orthodontics, a fixed brace may be the solution.

We find that the best way is to attend the surgery on the first day, examine and discuss the findings. Start with simple procedures and progress from there. This simple softly softly approach seems to work fine. In certain situations we get the patient to take 1-2 tablets of Valium pre-op but this is rarely necessary.
Patients working and paying regualar PRSI contributions have a free check up and cleaning once a year.

HSE Medical Card Patients can avail of the same and are entitled to two fillings and unlimited extractions as well as Root Treatment for Front Teeth and Dentures over a Calendar Year.

Med 2

Patients claim 20% Tax Rebate on the following:-

  • Implant (The Crown Portion of the Implant)
  • Crowns and Veneers
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Extraction of Wisdom Teeth
  • Periodontal Treatment

If you have a regular Private Health Insurance you may be able to claim back. Generally this takes the form of a certain amount per Dental Visit.

Check with your provider.

We work with Garda Medical and Prison Officer Claims.

If the tooth is completely covered by the gum it is unlikely to cause pain. If the tooth is partially erupted and especially if there is a flap of skin partially covering the tooth there is potential for trouble in the form of pain/infections.

If the teeth are not causing problems we generally leave them in place, a possible exception being if there is food trapping resulting in foul taste/smell and possible decay in the tooth next to it.

It has not been proven that a wisdom tooth pushing through can cause a domino effect resulting in crowding up the front teeth, so this is not a justification on its own to have teeth removed.

If the tooth is tilted forward bacteria can cause a cavity in the back of the tooth next to it so it is important to have it removed or monitor it regularly on an X-ray

We are a family orientated local dentist that offers you a Dentist and Hygienist with great experience. Speak multiple languages and regularly attend continuing Education Courses.

The appointment is structured so that we leave spaces and thus patients with problems are always seen on the same day.

We have an implant, restorative and cosmetic specialist and offer first class service at a cost effective price.