Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth that are unaesthetic because of staining that can’t be removed for example enamel which has formed with dark streaks or spots as a result of antibiotics given to a young child while the tooth was in the early stages of forming.

Bonding can also be used for cracked and chipped teeth.

To change the shape of teeth making them look more even.

To close spaces between front teeth filling in the gaps.

The advantage of Bonding is that it can be done with little or no preparation to the teeth thus minimising the possibility of post procedure sensitivity.

Good anaesthesia (numbing) and the advent of machine driven tools make the experience much easier and quicker than in precious times.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Where a patient has strong solid teeth but would like the teeth to look whiter. The Home Bleaching Technique is very simple. On the first visit, impressions are taken, trays are made and on the second visit the patients are supplied with Bleaching Material. The Patient injects the Bleaching Material at home into the trays and place in their mouth overnight for 14 nights resulting in a nice but modest colour improvement.

The trays are very easy to wear and do not disturb sleep.

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Porcelain Veneers

They are similar to composite but differ in that a small amount of surface has to be removed to allow for thickness.

The Veneers are made in the Laboratory and therefore custom fit.

The porcelain does not stain or become dull over time.

In this respect it is a very long lasting restoration.

We have a specialist, Dr Darelle Power who holds a Masters in Restorative Dentistry and has a sub speciality in Cosmetics and Esthetics.

Porcelain Veneers
White Fillings

White Fillings

In all cases for front teeth and the vast majority of back we use white fillings otherwise known as composite fillings.

They are made from a mixture of plastic and glass particles making them look and feel like a real tooth. When correctly done they are as durable as traditional silver (Amalgam) fillings.